UAE's Al Neyadi to begin 6-month mission to International Space Station

February 27, 2023 - 10:13 AM

Today, history is being made as the longest space mission in the Arab world is being launched. Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is undertaking a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station as part of Crew-6 Dragon spacecraft, named Endeavour. The launch site is at Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral in Florida, US.

Al Neyadi, who is the second Emirati to bring the UAE flag to space, will become the Arab world's first long-term mission specialist. Together with his crewmates from NASA and Roscosmos, he is conducting experiments that will significantly contribute to humanity's understanding of life on and beyond Earth during their 180-day stay on board the orbiting laboratory of the International Space Station (ISS).

The crew, including Al Neyadi, was to embark a 25-hour journey to the ISS at 10.45 am (UAE time) but due to an issue with the ground system it has been postponed.

This mission is a significant milestone for the United Arab Emirates, which has been investing heavily in its space program over the past few years.

Al Neyadi's mission is a testament to the UAE's commitment to becoming a major player in the global space industry and inspiring a new generation of Emirati scientists and engineers. With this historic achievement, the UAE is demonstrating its potential and determination to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge and exploration of the cosmos.

Image Source : Al Neyadi Twitter acc


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