UAE to Host First-Ever Dubai Stem Cell Congress

February 17, 2023 - 12:23 PM

The first edition of the Dubai Stem Cell Congress (DSCC) is set to take place on 27th-28th February at the Waldorf Astoria in Palm Jumeirah.

The congress is initiated and empowered by Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, the first state-of-the-art laboratory within the field of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, focused on providing top-notch cord blood banking solutions. It facilitates the first-ever clinical trials in stem cell research in UAE.

Dubai Stem Cell Congress will bring together over 25 international experts and industry partners to create awareness and showcase the latest data, stem cell technologies and advanced applications via a two-day congress and exhibition.

DSCC is supported by Dubai Health Authority, which accredited the congress with 14 CME Points.

Dr. Fatma Alhashimi, Chairman of DSCC, and Director of Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, stated, "This congress is one of a kind, as we provide the opportunity to patients like Matthew Farrow, World's First Successful Cord Blood Transplant, along with other survivors of Lymphoma, Leukemia and Thalassemia that were all touched by this amazing technology, and to educate and share how undergoing stem cell therapy changed their lives for the better."

"As students are the foundation of growth, this congress will also host the academic community of the region, allowing them to share their recent advanced studies in the field of regenerative medicine. Stem cell therapy is the present and the future of medicine, and the 'Hope That Brings Life' to many patients in need," she added.

Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory consists of GMP Laboratories and ISO Clean Rooms for stem cell isolation, culture, and expansion. Such a facility provides a solid foundation for successfully establishing awareness and understanding of stem cells within the Middle Eastern region.

Sukhdeep Sachdev, Global CEO, Leader Healthcare and Leader Life Sciences, said, "We are quite excited to welcome the Dubai Stem Cell Congress as it presents a unique opportunity to bring our community in stem cell science together for everyone to experience first-hand innovative research, novel technologies, and emerging clinical breakthroughs. Our scientific team, along with Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, have been incredibly energised in engaging with the work happening regionally with the regenerative medicine research that has been making significant advancements in stem cell therapy."

Source : WAM


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